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Aprant Odia Project


  Frequently Asked Questions – Aprant Odia (Unicode)

Why Unicode ?

Simply putting, Unicode is the future for font and character encoding on computer and internet. It is an open standard and everyone is adapting this particularly for Web and Internet. Those who have not done so far, they will do it anyway sometime in future.

So why not start from now ? Why ? Because tomorrow you don’t have to spend lots of time, money and effort in converting the today’s Non-unicode content to Unicode. At the same time you can take lots of advantages of Unicode features such as sorting , carrying out implementing mathematics model on languages etc.

From programmer’s prospective open APIs can be built for Odia Language on top of other languages such as PHP, Java, ASP etc. And that is only possible with Unicode.

What operating system is supported by Aprant IME ( Unicode ) ?

Currently it is only supported on Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7 and Windows 8 . Please note that Windows XP is not 100% enabled for Odia on Unicode. Hence, some of the application such as MS Word 2003 won’t work on Win XP. We always recommend for best result , please install Aprant IME on Windows 7 Operating System.
How to activate Aprant Keyabord ?

Once started, the Aprant IME can be activated by pressing the F11 function key of your keyboard. Please remember that, this key need to be “ON” . It enables the Odia typing only. If want to type in English, then you have to release the F11 key to “OFF” state.
Some Odia conjuncts ( Juktakshara ) are not coming properly on some application in Windows XP. What is the reason ?

We have already mentioned earlier, Odia ( Unicode ) is not supported by Windows XP completely. That is why in some applications such as MS Office/Word 2003 , Notepad you may not able to use Odia texts. If you are on Windows XP , please use Wordpad or MS Office 2007/Word 2007 and above. However, most of the modern browsers such as I.E , Firefox, Chrom, Safari etc. supports reading and writing Odia on Win XP.
Does Aprant work smoothly on InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Flash or 3D Max?

Adobe InDesign 6.0 (CS6 and CC) , Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC supports Unicode for Odia and other Indian languages. The latest version of Corel Draw X6 also supports Unicode for Odia. Aprant works with these without any flaw. But only on Windows 7 and above.
Please note that since 3D Max supports Indian languages on Unicode , Aprant IME and our unicode fonts should work on that .
What kind of keyboards does Aprant come with ?

The Free version only has Phonetic Keyboard Layout. The professional version comes with 3 types of keyboard layouts. These are Inscript, Modular ( Similar to Akruti and Shrilip ) and Phonetic. Inscript Keyboard is under development as per the latest standard released by Govt. of India for Indian languages.
Can I make APRANT ODIA Keyboard Manager automatically start when i start my computer ?

Yes, you can do. Keep a shortcut link of AP_KBM program as in the ” Start menu -> Program files-> startup->AP_KBM “. you can get the link either from ” Start-> Program files->AP Info Arts->Unicode ” or from the directory where APRANT ODIA Keyboard Manager is installed.
Can I design my web pages using Aprant Software?

Of course. Aprant has been optimized for such purpose. Please contact us if you need any help or want us to provide consultation or building Odia Websites or Odia application using Aprant Software and technology.
I don’t have credit card, is there any other payment option available ?

Yes. You can either remit directly to our bank account or send a Demand Draft. Once you order online you will have options to choose from with details. For your convenience please find the following information.

Bank Transfer/Deposit ( in INR )

HDFC Bank Acct # : 0362-2560-002-153
Account Name : AP InfoArts Pvt. Ltd.
NEFT/IFSC Code : HDFC0000362
Branch Name: Rourkela – Panposh Road – Orissa

You can also send us Demand Draft if you don’t find a branch of HDFC locally.
DD drawn in favor of : AP InfoArts Pvt. Ltd.
Address :
AP InfoArts Pvt. Ltd.
Plot # 19, Bagbudi Village
Chhend, Rourkela – 769015 , India
Ph : 94372-02931 ( To be used for courier purpose)