Aprant Odia Project


 Aprant Web IME & Building Odia Websites

What do you need for building an interactive ODIA website ?

The answer is simple. You need Aprant Web IME package , a complete solution for implementing Odia Language on web. To build a worry-free Odia website that enables your visitors to read and write Odia on your website, you need Aprant Web IME which is optimized for Web. Following are the components of Web IME

  • A Dynamic Font ( eot files for I.E ) based on a domain name . Please remember once the Dynamic Font is generated, the domain name can not be changed. It means the dynamic font will only work for that domain . For Non-IE browsers, you need the true type font.
  • A piece of code with stylesheet that can enable your website for using Dynamic font. Normally we provide a sample of this code when you buy Dynamic font.
  • Aprant WEB IME : A web based Editor ( to write Odia ) that can make your website interactive. Your visitors can write Odia to send feedback, post comments etc. And guess what , your visitors don’t need to download any software or font to write Odia on your website
Browser Support ( Aprant Web IME )
Browser Read Write ( Interactive )
Internet Explorer ( IE 6.0 and above ) Yes Yes
Firefox (Version 3.5 and above ) Yes Yes
Safari ( Version 3.2.1 and above ) Yes Yes
Opera ( Version 10.0 and above ) Yes Yes
Google Chrome ( Version 12.0 and above ) Yes Yes
What is included in Aprant Web IME package ?
  • A Dynamic Font ( eot file for I.E browser and ttf file for Non-IE browsers ) based on a domain name .
  • Apant Web IME ( Odia, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese ) : Comes with Phonetic, Inscript, Modular and Odiphon keyboard layout support for odia language. For other languages, only phonetic and inscript keyboard is supported.
  • Aprant Odia ( Unicode ) Pro : A single user license is also included for your Desktop in our Basic Package.
Various types of Aprant WEB IME packages
  • Basic Package : This supports only Odia language and comes with only phonetic keyboard.
  • Professional Package : This supports only odia language but comes with multiple keyboards.
  • Premium Package : This is a multi lingual version which supports Odia, Hindi, Bengali and Assamese languages and comes with multiple keyboards.

Please contact our sales team to find the details about various packages that suits to your need.

Example Websites ( Using unicode based Aprant Dynamic Font )
Licensing and Price

Please contact Sales for pricing and licensing. If you need to have custom Keyboard Layout for Aprant IME, we will gladly do that for you.

Estimated time to deliver the software

Standard delivery for WEB IME is 7 days after the payment is made and domain name is provided. If you want to availe the express service to get this delivered in 24 hours then let us know.