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Font Licensing – F A Q


  Font Licensing – F A Q

What is font licensing?

When you purchase a font or typeface, you are really purchasing a license to install and use font software for that typeface on up to five (5) computers – also known as CPUs – at a single location. What many companies and individuals don’t realize is that when they purchase typefaces, they cannot freely copy and distribute the typefaces among employees or outside resources such as a service bureau. Even if a company purchased a typeface for use by an entire department, the typeface is licensed for only five computers. If you plan on using a typeface on more than five computers, you need to purchase an additional license – either a site license for a specific number of CPUs and locations or a corporate license for an unlimited number of CPUs worldwide, where you don’t have to count CPUs or printers. By purchasing site licenses and corporate licenses, a company can cover all of its typeface requirements for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase multiple individual licenses.

What is Typeface fidelity and legal compliance ?

Typeface designs are made up of digital data – data that is protected by U.S. copyright law. Court rulings have made it clear that it’s illegal to modify or copy the digital data of typefaces and resell them. What does this mean to hardware and software vendors? It means you need to be very sure of your sources. Bundling illegally copied typefaces knowingly or unknowingly can put you at risk of legal action. Ultimately, you could be required to pull your product and remove the offending typefaces.

Your company’s reputation and success depend on the quality of your products. Bundling products is a great way to add value – but only if the products you include are legally sourced and as reliable as your own. The AP InfoArts typefaces you license from AP InfoArts are always legitimate and legal.

License We offer for fonts and What it covers in terms of volume of usage ?

1. Free License : This is to be used for personal usage by an Individual, on a single computer.

2. Professional License : This is to be used for by an Individual or any organization for both profit and non-profit purpose, on a single computer.

3. Site license : For one location with many computers and printers, usually in a networked environment. This license allows installation up to a specific number of computers.

4. Streaming/Website and Web server license : This for commercial publishers or Web designers/Website owners who wish to use fonts in ways beyond the scope of the standard user license. Examples include embedding fonts in Web sites that allow for content editing, or embedding fonts on Web servers that use fonts in their end-user applications.

What is AP InfoArts’ Font Licensing policy and what does it allow me to do?

The purchase of a license for a retail font package from AP InfoArts/AP Arts entitles the customer to install the font software on a specific permitted number of computers and printers for viewing, creating, authoring, and printing documents or files. If you purchase an AP InfoArts/AP Arts Software Application ( such as Aprant IME ) that includes fonts, then the number of computers licensed per purchase is one (1). However, if you purchase a retail font package, then you are allowed to use the typeface on up to five (5) computers.
Can fonts be used by someone outside of my network, such as in a web-hosted service ?

You may not use the fonts on any Internet or web-hosted service outside of your internal network. You may use the fonts as part of a hosted service in your internal network, provided that no external users can access the fonts, all users accessing the service have a license for the fonts and you do not exceed the permitted number of computers
Can fonts be used for designing and developing Websites or Web Application ?

You may use the fonts for Website Designing or Development within your internal network and to test and debug as well. However, you can not host the font on any server outside of your network. You must obtain the license for Web Font ( Dynamic font ) separately, if you want to host the font along with your website.
Can I convert the font software into a different format or modify font software that I have licensed ?

AP InfoArts license agreement does not allow you to convert or modify the AP InfoArts Font Software in any format. That should be used as it is unless otherwise stated on a separate clause or note.
Can I customize a font using font manipulation software ?

Can I embed fonts into a document ?

All fonts licensed from AP InfoArts allow embedding in electronic files ( such as converting to a PDF document ). Some fonts may also be embedded for editing or forms fill in purposes. All AP InfoArts original fonts can be embedded for printing, viewing, and editing purpose. Before you buy any font, consider how fonts will be used within your organization, and invest only in fonts that offer the level of embedding that your organization needs.