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Aprant Odia Project


  How can you support Aprant Project ?

Aprant Odia Project has been conceived with the philosophy of promoting Odia Langauge on computers and internet and availing Odia Softwares, tools , fonts, utilities for FREE. Like many other projects with a touch of professional quality, it involves constant efforts with hundreds of man-hours, investments and dedication along with hiring experts & professionals. We are committed towards this effort in popularizing and spreading Odia Langauges across the globe.

If you like our initiatives/products/services and wish to help or participate in this community venture Aprant Odia Project and would like to encourage us building more and more FREE softwares to empower Odia Langauge on computers and distributing FREE to our community , you can do so in various ways.

1. Sponsor building an Odia Font under our community project. You will have the ownership and copyright of this Font. We will help you get it done and also help you ( as long as you wish ) in distributing it for the greater benefits of our community. You can either choose to distribute it free or even sell under our commercial fonts category.

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2. Buy our commercial Odia products/services which will help us reinvesting on resources in bringing more FREE Odia Products for the community .

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