Aprant Odia (Unicode) Pro – v1.1 released
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We are quite excited to announce that a new version of, Aprant Odia (Unicode) v1.1 – Professional has been released. Existing customers can download from client area and can request for License ID and password ( this is required to activate Aprant Software ).

Following are the new features and bug fixings

  • Online Activation ( in addition to option of phone activation ) through internet. Please note that we don’t support email activation any more. Please find the ACTIVATION SCREEN SHOTS HERE
  • A 10 days trial option is included in case you didn’t get a chance to Activate the software but still want to use it.
  • License management ( activation and deactivation of license ) has been incorporated using internet. The deactivation feature help you to transfer the license from one computer to another computer. But this feature is allowed twice only.
  • Inscript Keyboard Layout has been added.
  • Changes in documentation and new shortcut keys to Aprant Menu for keyboard help.
  • Rupee symbol has been incorporated both in Aprant, Mahanadi font and Keyboard level.
  • Minor Bugs fixed at font level.
  • English characters has been incorporated to make Aprant a Bilingual Unicode Font.
  • Few more old styled Alphabet + Maatra has been added in Aprant Classic font.
Download Now !! | Contact : 87632-54557 ( India )

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  1. Pradipta Guru says:

    I want to know how the oriya fonts work to write e_mail

  2. susanta says:

    write oriya bhagabat gita slokas

  3. barada says:

    I want to know how the oriya fonts work to write e_mail


    ବହୁତ ଭଲ ଲେଖି ହେଉଛି

  5. ସବୁଠାରୁ ଭଲ ହେଉଛି ଅପ୍ରାନ୍ତ

  6. ଅପ୍ରାନ୍ତ କୁ ସବୁଆଡେ ଲେଖି ହେବ ମେଲ୍ ରେ , website, word, illustrator, ମଧ୍ୟ

  7. please sir downloading from aprant soft ware

  8. write oriya bhagabata gita typeing from ms office

  9. odia is our mother language so i am so happy to wirte e-mail in odia

  10. Hi this is Jiban Chandra Panda from Bangalore,i want to meet u righ now.

  11. I want know how i write Odia mail?

  12. Tribhubanjit Mukherjee says:

    Please let me know how can I use Oriya font in my computer with windows7. Please allow me to download the software and its use for Oriya Typing.

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