How to type Odia using Aprant Unicode
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How to type Odia ? ( Easy 6 step proceess )

step-1. Start Aprant Keyboard Manager ( Make sure it is running on your PC )

step-2. Open Wordpad or Notepad or any other text processors such as MS word, Excel etc.

step-3. Click on the Aprant icon located in System Tray of your computer, choose your keyboard ( Phonetic or Modular ) . After you choose Odia Keyboard , you will see the icon is changed to “OD” . The keyboard you selected becomes the defualt setting. Hence you don’t have to choose the keyboard again and again ( instead you may choose between English and Odia usig “F11” function key ) .

step-4. If requred press the “F11” button to switch between English and Odia . Pressing “F11” function key will change the Icon from “EN” to “OD” and vice-versa . “EN” means English and “OD” means Odia mode.

step-5. Select “APUni Aprant” or other Unicode Font and font size to 20 or 24 whatever you like in your text-editor you opened in step-2 above.

step-6. Start typing as per the Keyboard Layout or Guideline given in our document .


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