Purnachheda ( | & || ) issue on Win Vista and Win 7
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How to get Purnachheda and Ghosha in Odia ( ie, | and || ) using Aprant ?

Many people complain, Purnachheda and Ghosha in Odia doesn’t come properly using Aprant Odia ( Unicode ) . They say it shows a square box when they try to type purnachheda using Aprant Unicode.

You are going to face this issue if you are using Kalinga Font and use Arpant Unicode to type Odia. The reason is, Kalinga is an old font based on older version of Unicode Standard. At that time Purnachheda in Odia was not defined properly by Unicode standard. So the purnachheda in Kalinga font was mapped to Hindi Language purnachheda. Aprant is based on the latest Unicode Standard ( 6.0 ) and it implements the Purnachheda and Ghosha as per the new definition.

Solution : Always choose or use “APUni Aprant” or any of our font whenever you compose odia. You can do so by selecting Aprant font from the font drop down box in Wordpad, MS Word etc.

In future version of Kalinga font this issue will be hopefully resolved.


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  1. ପ୍ରଥମେ ପ୍ରଥମେ ମୋର ବି ଏଇ ଏକା ଅସୁବିଧା ହେଉଥିଲା, ହେଲେ ପରେ ଅପ୍ରାନ୍ତ ଫଣ୍ଟ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରି ପରେ ସବୁ ସମାଧାନ ହୋଇ ପାରିଲା୤ ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ.

  2. mrutyunjay samal says:

    I have tried my best to apply PURNACHHEDA, using Aprant Unicode in my Windos-7 Laptop. But all the time a sqare box comes. You are suggesting to use APUni Aprant from the drop box, but in the drop box only Kalinga is availble. Surprisingly, the same Aprant software when loaded in XP, APUni Aprant comes and PURNACHHEDA comes. Why this is happening in higher versions- Windos7?

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